21st IPVS Congress, Vancouver, Canada - July 18 - 21, 2010

Technical Tours

West Coast Fish Farm Tour

West Coast Fish Farm Tour has been CANCELLED.

For those interested in participating in a Fish Farm Tour,
please contact Dr. Rick Stanley at: stanleyrw@telus.net.

Tours in the Fraser Valley

July 22, 2010
7:45am – 6:30pm
Cost per person: $ 263.00 CAD (includes all applicable taxes)

Take a 73 km (45 mile) trip from the conference centre with a guide that will discuss the intense agriculture in the Fraser Valley. Issues such as land policy, rural-urban issues, the high price of land ($50,000 per acre), and answer any of your questions arriving at the Ramada Conference Centre in Abbotsford. From there you can choose two of 5 different three hour tours that will be available in the morning and repeated in the afternoon. A wonderful lunch will be served at the centre and you will be back in Vancouver in time for dinner.

The cost of this full day tour includes a morning tour and an afternoon tour. Please pick one for the morning and one for the afternoon:

Morning Tour: (pick one)

  1. Sunhaven Brand Pork and the Britco processing plant
  2. Animal Health Centre
  3. Agriculture Diversity Tour
  4. Animal Welfare Program

Lunch to be served at the Ramada Conference Centre

Afternoon Tour: (pick one)

  1. Agriculture Diversity Tour
  2. Animal Health Centre
  3. Animal Welfare Program
  4. Greenbelt Veterinary Services


Sunhaven Pork and the Britco processing plant: Follow through the production and processing of the Sunhaven Farms brand of pork products where the Alberta Pig Company (APC). (11,000 sows) and Britco Pork Inc., the packer and processor provide farm to fork specialty products. Jim Gowans, a nutritionist and one of the APC owners will discuss the farm, their new ventures into antibiotic free production standards and the farm relationship with the processor. There will be a tour of the packing facility. Capacity: 12 people

Animal Health Centre: Only a few minutes from the Ramada, you will tour both the diagnostic lab and the new Level 3 Microbiological Facility. Capacity: 25 people

Agriculture Diversity Tour: You will take a guided tour of an area 10 by 30 km (6 x 18 miles) through one of the most intensively farmed areas in the world with well over 100 different commodities produced, including pigs (3000 sow farrow to wean and finisher sites), dairy, poultry, berries, vegetables, greenhouse production, mushrooms, turf, flowers, bulbs, nursery crops and more, all below mountains and the inactive volcano, Mt. Baker. Farms in Abbotsford produce higher gross farm receipts than any others in Canada (approximately $7400/acre). The 3 largest agricultural communities in the Fraser Valley produce approximately 40% of British Columbia’s farm receipts on 1.5% of the province’s agricultural land base. Capacity: 50 people

Animal Welfare Program: the UBC Dairy Centre is internationally renowned for its animal welfare research. The trip will be co-hosted by Dr. David Fraser (our keynote speaker) and Dr. Harold Gonyou, animal behaviour researcher at the Prairie Swine Centre. What is most interesting is the success that this program has had garnering the support of the dairy producers and equipment suppliers. Capacity: 25 people

Greenbelt Veterinary Services: Visit a large animal ambulatory practice (8 veterinarians) primarily dealing with dairy, pigs and horses and discuss our business model. The trip will take you past the largest pig farm in BC and the largest dairy in Canada. Capacity: 25 people